Get Involved

Renewing Faith and Restoring Hope is only possible with God’s help! Please Pray for us.


Please remember to pray for the Yesukan students and families. Joining us in prayer for the following is always relevant:

  • For strong faith and trust in God
  • They will remain hopeful
  • They will remember and practice what they learn
  • For their protection and their families
  • For opportunities and favor at their workplaces

I can read, speak and understand more ‘stuff’.

E. V., Student


Your donation to Yesukan is fully tax deductible as we are a 501 (c) (3) organization.  We rely on your generosity.  Please use donate button below for ways to connect with us or directly support the Yesukan mission.

Since attending classes at Yesukan, my supervisor has noticed I am speaking better English, working better and reading more.

M. C., Student
Volunteers make the difference in changing the lives of the Yesukan students and families.


Your experience, skills and training are vital to serving the Yesukan students and the surrounding community. Some service areas are:

  • Teach classes
  • Work with children
  • Grant search and writing
  • Phone calls
  • Administrative and Bookkeeping
  • Plan annual events
  • Manage Social Media
  • Transport students

My family is noticing my improvement in English.

E. S., Student


Your church leadership or members can assist by:

  • Promoting the classes to the church members who could benefit from Yesukan.
  • Allowing use of vans or busses to transport the students and their families to classes or events.
  • Permitting the use of indoor or outdoor space for classes or events.

Social Media

Please consider helping us inform the community about the Yesukan classes and volunteer opportunities by engaging with your family, friends and neighbors. Please like the Yesukan page on Facebook. Other Social Media platforms to consider are: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the Nextdoor Neighbor app for starters.


Your workplace or place of business can become involved by:

  • Allowing the staff time to inform the students about their careers or work.
  • Consider hiring or promoting job opportunities to the students.
  • Sponsoring one of the annual family gatherings, which adds to the dignity and value of the Yesukan students.